Love It or Leave It?: BLOCH Pump Canvas Ballet Shoe Review

Welcome back to From The Top, everyone! Today we are talking dance products, which naturally means we are back for another edition of “Love It or Leave It”! A quick synopsis on today’s blog post for any of our new From The Top Family members, “Love It or Leave It’ is our dance product review segment where we break down different dance products, from shoes to clothing to equipment. In this series we talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of a particular product with the conclusion of whether we love it or if we think you should leave it. In today’s installment we are talking about the BLOCH Pump Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Shoes! After trying out this shoe, we’ll be discussing the description of the shoe, how they do in terms of fit, break-in process, the pros and the cons, and if we think they are really worth it. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the review with our first discussion point!

  1. BLOCH Pump Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Shoes Product Description

Described as a BLOCH favorite, this shoe is said to be a superior classic. This BLOCH Pump Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Shoe is described as having  “construction that encourages the canvas to hug the arch and reduces material bunching underfoot when pointing.” It’s made with “soft and durable square canvas which molds to the foot.” The BLOCH Pump also features a heel seam cushion that creates a smoothing and aesthetically pleasing appearance to your foot. 

  1. The Pros

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty shall we? Aesthetically speaking, this is the perfect example of a classic ballet flat. You’ll be able to wear this bad boy to any and every obligation, from standard ballet classes to professional auditions. It’s not distracting and highly traditional, which probably attributes to the fact of why it’s been on the market for so many years. It’s made from a very soft and pliable canvas that yields a surprisingly short break-in time. Elastics are already pre-sewn at the back of the shoe with only the front portion in need of sewing, which always provides much convenience. As described, no bunching is detected in the arch of the shoe. Comfort and conventionality wise, the BLOCH Pump is easy to slip on and off in a flash. It’s extremely supportive and you’re able comfortably stay in the shoe during long class times, performances or auditions without feeling any foot fatigue, which is of the highest importance. All-in-all, this is a very well designed shoe!

  1. The Cons

While I found that there was no bunching in the arch of the shoe, the toe of the shoe was a bit of a different story. When I point my foot in the BLOCH Pump, there always seems to be this weird puckering in the bottom portion in the front of the shoe that I found a bit odd. I’ve done my best to diagnose the quirk and find ways to diminish the bunching, but alas it was to very little avail. However, though it’s fairly strange, it isn’t per-say distracting and this may even be credited to the shape of my foot. All dancer’s may not have this same experience in this area of the shoe. I’m always willing to give the benefit of a doubt when it comes to specific aspects of different products, because after all, each individual is different. 

Another point of caution would be the elastics located at the front of the shoe. Now, I know this sounds a bit strange as well, but let’s dive into it for just a bit. Like every other ballet flat, you probably take the initiative of trimming the front elastics (or maybe that’s just something we did back in my day and I just haven’t let it go.) However, if you just so happen to cut those bad boys too short, the result is rather unforgiving. I made this mistake on one of the shoes and my chances of making the shoe a little more fitted via the front elastics were pretty much shot. This is not necessarily a deal breaker by any means, but it is something to keep in mind.

  1. The Verdict

All-in-all, when it comes to the BLOCH Pump Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Shoe, we must say…we love it! There’s nothing better than a good, traditional ballet shoe that’s comfortable and convenient. No matter how many new and unique ballet flat models hit the stands, you have to have at least one pair of classics to keep on hand that will stand the test of time, and these shoes are definitely the way to go! Their sleek design, comfortable fit and great functionality completes the recipe for a great ballet shoe. So, if you’re in the market for a great ballet flat, definitely give these a try. You won’t regret it!

Well that will do it for this installment of “Love It or Leave It”! As always, we hope this post inspired you to do a little shopping and add another wonderful dance product to your wardrobe! Until we meet again next week, we wish you a wonderful weekend and remember…

Keep dancing!


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