Dance Convention And Intensive Survival Guide

Welcome back dancers! It’s Summer time and that means dance conventions and intensives are officially underway! Conventions and Intensives are not only fun, but they offer you so many new experiences that aid in your growth as a dancer, such as taking classes in styles you’ve never done before, learning from seasoned choreographers and routines that push you to new limits. However, conventions/intensives are also something else that people fail to mention: LONG! Some of your longest dance days come from spending weekends at a convention or even months at an intensive. With all of the work that you put into these days, it can really be exhausting but don’t fret because you know your friends here at From the Top are always here to help you out! So, grab a snack and get comfortable because I’m going to share with you my top tips for surviving conventions and intensives! Here we go!

Tip #1
Be A Pack Rat
It is always a given that you will need a lot of different items while you’re attending a convention/intensive. You have to make sure you have all of your shoes, extra changing clothes, water, accessories, first aid kit, etc. I highly suggest making a packing list and packing your bag(s) the day before you attend your convention/intensive. Make sure you write down everything you may need during your time there and throwing in two or three variations of one specific item never hurts. It’s always wise to pack a little extra and be prepared because it’s better to have too much than needing something suddenly and not having it on hand. Don’t be afraid to be a pack rat!

Tip #2
Skipping Meals Is Not The Best Option 
This is one fact that I can’t stress enough. Eating at the start of your day, taking your lunch break in between classes and keeping a snack on you is highly necessary and beneficial for surviving any convention or intensive. Food gives you all the energy that you’ll need to be able to go through such long days of dancing. Now, sure, it’s not wise to eat HEAVY before you dance but it is always wise to eat something semi-light to give you enough nutrients to go through your day. Have something like a bagel, muffin or oatmeal in the morning and keep a granola bar in your bag just in case you get a little hungry between breakfast and lunch. Most intensives or conventions either provide lunch, encourage you to pack a lunch or give you the option to go “off campus” to eat, so, take advantage of that and make sure your body gets the nutrients that it needs to keep going. Lastly, don’t forget to pack water or Gatorade! Can’t forget to stay hydrated!

Tip #3
Keep Your Class Time Close And Your Schedule Closer
Whoa! Didn’t mean to go all “Godfather” on you there! My next tip is to always make copies of your class schedule and keep them handy. It’s always great to keep your schedule on hand to not only keep you organized during the day, but to remind you of what kind of day you have ahead of you tomorrow. Making copies of your schedule will also ensure that if by chance you lose your schedule in the hustle and bustle of the day, you always have a spare!

Tip #4
The Power of Sleep!
My last and most important tip is to make sure you get as much sleep as you can during your intensive. It’s such a cliché tip but it’s been around for so long because it really does help. The last thing you want is to be too tired to focus during your classes. After all, you are there to gain new knowledge and grow but you can meet that goal if you’re mentally not present. So make sure you get a good amount of sleep during this experience. Your body and your brain will be eternally grateful!
All the technicalities aside, make sure you HAVE FUN!!! These types of things are like “the high school experience” of dance. They usually hold some of the best times of your life! So, have a wonderful time, stay safe and I will catch you guys next Friday!

Keep Dancing!


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