Regaining Flexibility

Hey there, From The Top family! Today we are talking about a few stretches you can incorporate into your stretch routine if you are looking to regain your flexibility! Whether you’ve taken a small break, recovering from an injury, or you just simply got off your game accidentally, loss of some of your flexibility is something that can occur before you may even know it. However, you can most definitely recover what has been lost, which is why we are listing five key stretches to include in your regimen to get you back on track in no time! Let’s go!

1. Straddle Stretch– First on our list is the infamous straddle stretch! When trying to regain your flexibility, the classics will always be tried and true. Hold your stretch for 10–15 sec on your right side, left side and center. Remember to keep your back flat and fold forward from your hips to optimally target your hamstrings, quads, glutes and hip flexors.

2. Knee-To-Chest– Trying to get back into those splits? Say less. Knee-to-chest stretch is the PERFECT way to further target your quads and hamstrings. Extend your leg up to a 90 degree angle and hold for 10 seconds. After which, see if you can pull your leg closer to you and hold for another 10 seconds. And if you really want to up the ante, go ahead and give your leg a good side stretch and hold for 10 sec then repeat the entire sequence on the other side!

3. Lunges– Regaining lower flexibility is a breeze with lunges! Whether done to the front or side, lunges are absolutely a key stretch to getting your flexibility back in tact. Hold for 15-20 seconds on each side in front lunges, side lunges or both and watch your hip flexors open in no time!

4. Frog Stretch – A very familiar cousin to the butterfly stretch, the frog stretches is a no joke way to reintroduce your hip flexors to a deep stretch. Hold this bad boy for about 20 seconds to see the best results. If you are in need of more support, feel free to place a pillow underneath your hips until you can execute this stretch with more comfort.

5. Cobra – And last but not least, an absolute must to add to your stretch routine to regain your back flexibility is defiantly the cobra stretch! Hold this stretch for anywhere between 10-12 seconds. For a deeper stretch, feel free to try and lift your thighs off the floor during your cobra or drop one hip to each side and look over your shoulder.

And that will do it for today’s post! We hope this entry was able to be help to you as you go along your journey to restoring your flexibility to its original state. As always we wish you all a wonderful weekend and until our next blog post, remember…

Keep dancing!


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