Improving Your Adagio Skills

Hello FTT Family and welcome back to another blog post! Today we are grabbing our ballet flats and heading to center! In this post, we will be discussing adagio tips! Elegant and graceful, adagio is a ballet exercise that is done in most every ballet class to help prune technical assets such as musicality and fluidity, as well as strength and precision. However, adagio also presents its challenges such as balance and clean execution. So, today we’ll be sharing five key points to keep in mind that will help improve your adagio skills in the long run. Let’s go!

1. Slow and Steady Will Win This Race- One of the best ways to get through adagio successfully is to take it slow. Adagio is a naturally slow paced exercise, where musicality is practiced and shines. However, the slow pace is also what is going to allow you to stay grounded and balanced during the routine. It also makes for a crisp and clean adagio, which is always key.

2. Engage Your Core- Like in most areas of ballet, a strong core will make all the difference in your adagio. Keep your abdominal laced and your upper body lifted out of your hips to keep you steady, grounded and sturdy throughout the routine. It will also aid in performing higher and stronger developpes and cleaner turns in adagio as well.

3. Keep Your Eyes Lifted – Nothing sets the body off balance in adagio like looking down at your feet, so by all means, keep your chin up! Keep your eyes focused on the mirror in front of you and/or the direction your going within each movement. This will also allow you to keep steadiness while causing your adagio to look effortless elegance, which is always a beautiful plus!

4. Finish Every Movement – Our next tip is to not jip your own timing, but instead see every movement through to its completion. Rushing through adagio will not only make it harder to perform, but will also make the performance very messy. So be sure to milk every movement to make your adagio graceful, elegant and stable.

5. Don’t Think About It Too Much – And lastly, our final tip is to not think about it all too much. My Mother has always told me that things work out the best when you don’t overthink them and quite frankly, it’s very true. Adagio can seem like a lot to think about, especially when you’re first getting the hang of it. But to be quite honest, it is simply just a ballet combination performed in center. Concentration is indeed the name of the game, but welcome the challenge and have fun with it rather than dread it. You’ve got this, we know you do!

Thank you all so much for hanging out with us today! We hope that this post helped you as you continue to improve your adagio skills. As always, we wish you a beautiful weekend filled with love and light! And until our next blog post, remember…

Keep dancing!


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