Body Image In Ballet


Welcome back to From the Top dancers! Today we are going to briefly discuss a more serious subject: body image in ballet. There is a popular depiction of the “ballet body” but what exactly does that mean? What is considered the perfect ballet body type, and do you have to have this particular body type in order to be successful in the world of ballet? We’re going to answer these questions today.

The popular idea of the “perfect ballet body” is described as someone who is tall, slender, with long limbs that are defined by lean muscles. The popular question is “Do you have to have this body type in order to be a ballet dancer?” The answer to this question is ABSOLUTELY NOT! The great thing about the dance industry in today’s day in time is that more and more dancers with different body types are entering into the world of ballet and it is honestly so refreshing to see! We all don’t have the same body types and we are all built differently but just because we all don’t fit in one specific mold, that doesn’t mean that we should count out being a ballet dancer all together! I’m a person that doesn’t completely have the ideal “ballet body” seeing as though I am a tad bit hippy. However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to hang up my pointe shoes! You also see people like Misty Copeland, who have beautiful, strong, muscular body types that have entered the world of ballet, defying the odds of what a dancer’s body should look like and they are absolutely killing the game!

Dance is freedom of expression that is given to everyone no matter what body type you have. No matter how you’re built, your weight or your height, if dancing is your love and joy, go for it! Society is always changing the standards of beauty and you should never mold your dreams and aspirations around the status quo. Be a game changer and an innovator because that’s how legends are made!

Keep Dancing!

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