Follow Along Ballet Barre Vol. 6: Baby Ballet Edition

Hey there dancers and welcome back to From The Top! Today we are here with the highly awaited sixth installment to our “Follow Along Ballet Warm-Up” series! Much like our stretch calendars, our ballet barre warm-ups are resources that can be used both for class outlines for dance teachers and at home practice for students. In today’s installment, we’re focusing on the baby ballet dancers in our FTT Family! This follow along barre is tailored to be a class outline for teachers looking for beneficial technique practices to included into their toddler ballet groups. Ideal for ages 3-6, this routine includes class fundamentals such as chasses across the floor, plies, ballet marches and my personal favorite, bourrees aka “Twinkle Toes”! Feel free to add and/or take away from this routine as you wish to suit your class’ personal needs. You can print out this routine via the photo below!

We hope you all enjoy this routine as much as we enjoyed making it and until our next blog post, remember…

Keep dancing!


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